This book is different from any travel book you’ve read before.

  • It’s not just for reading, it’s for taking action;
  • It will give you ideas of destinations and new experiences but, above all;
  • it will challenge you to do, see, hear and try things you’ve never thought of doing while traveling;
  • It will make you open your mind to the exciting opportunities that you have but rarely use;
  • It will provide you with useful information and advice;
  • It will inspire you to transform every trip into your very own personal adventure;

Who is this book for?

  • For anyone who thinks they have tried everything
  • For anyone who feels afraid to try out new things
  • For anyone who thinks they just can’t
  • For any ordinary person who loves traveling, the new things in life as well as life itself
  • For any tired, busy, serious, conservative, disappointed or sad person – you’re the person who needs a little change of scenery the most!

Take the ingredients of the challenges, stir them, move them and change them to create your own challenges.

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